The Piano

Piano and Keyboards

David Rhys-Johnson I have been performing professionally on the piano for over thirty years. My keyboard style can best be described as a unique blend of passion, power and inner connection. My love affair with the piano comes through with intense feeling. People often say they can feel my sense of "oneness" with the piano when I perform. Shades of tenderness show through my energetic style.

My music repertoire includes ballads, love songs, new age music, show tunes, rock, gospel, country, and my own new era music. I have been described as having a synthesis of styles, similar in some ways to performers like David Lanz, Ray Charles, and Peter Kater, among others. My diversity of styles and arrangements sets me apart from other keyboardists.

Over the years, I have performed for a myriad of special events, including conventions, weddings, churches, television and concerts from San Diego to Seattle to Sedona. Besides my love for performing on the piano, I have worked as a music director for churches and schools and I continue to share my gift of music through teaching individual students.