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Piano and Keyboards

In the language of the Xhosa people of South Africa I greet you with – Molweni kunjani (Hello to all and how are all of you doing?)

One of my true heroes – Nelson Mandela, known by his people as Madiba made his transition yesterday (12/5/13) so I honor him by greeting you in his original tongue. I learned more about forgiveness from this man than any other human past or present.

I trust this holiday season finds you healthy and content in body mind and spirit – I find myself saying thank you constantly during this point and time in my life as I have so much to be thankful for.

My last newsletter in April found me just arriving home after a 3-month road trip with my golden Shiloh visiting my 5 children and their families along the I-5 corridor working my way to mom's place in San Diego. After arriving home here in the NW I stayed with family member Maili (grandmother to my grandson Sheamus) and had the pleasure of caretaking a house and property on Vashon Island for 5 months. Shiloh and I currently are renting space from the Unity of Tacoma minister and his wife here in Tacoma.

As to my family – all 5 "kids" are on solid constructive life paths and have wonderful partners in their life – daughter Kyra and I being the exceptions and we are going it solo in that department at this time in our life – Kyra's son James (3+ years old) has continued to bring her incredible joy and fulfillment. She now owns 3 consignment shops in the foothills and mountains of the Sierras. Daughter Renae continues to be very involved in empowering individuals through creative coaching and being the second mom to James. Son Aaron continues to find success and fulfillment in his software development company Daughter Cecily and family continue to thrive in the bay area. She has just started working as Sales and Marketing Director for Eagle Rock Wine and Spirits. Son Matt is still living in Southern Oregon and his band "The Evening Shades" continue to find growing success in Oregon. If I had to try to define "their sound" I would say it has shades of the group Coldplay in it.

My 5th CD "Legacy" is still awaiting me to get the content and layout work done so I can pass it on to the graphic arts department lady – that being Kate Vikstrom. Yes: we also did a CD together and she continues to be a friend til the end. My 2 tours to Southeast Alaska I owe to her as she made it possible for me to connect with the communities of Ketchikan-Sitka-Petersburg and Juneau.

I again made a trip to San Diego and Sedona in October and had the privilege of performing at both Unity of El Cajon and Unity of Sedona. Brother Bill has a timeshare in Sedona and so I camped out there for 4 days. Brother Steve is still recovering from kidney transplant surgery and while in San Diego spent time with him and my 84 year old mom.

For the 9th year I will again be performing for the Joseph Campbell Foundation mythological toolbox March 23-28 at Esalen Institute Big Sur Ca. Always one of the highlights of my year. – come join me!

I continue to perform at retirement communities, churches, workshops and more. I love my musical niche and although I live simply, I live richly! Thank you for your friendship and so many of you who have lovingly supported me these many years.

David "Red" Rhys-Johnson

December 6, 2013