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David "Red" Rhys-Johnson saying hello from Medford Oregon!

I am here visiting my son Matthew. As many of you know I left Dec. 26th on a 3 month road trip headed for San Diego area to spend time with my 83 year old mom. Along the way I visited 4 of my 5 adult children and their families. As I worked my way down the Interstate 5 Freeway I visited Matt in Medford Oregon and then visited 2 of my daughters Renae and Kyra and their families living in the Sierra's near Yosemite – and then daughter Cecily and her family living in the bay area of Northern California.

I arrived at mom's Jan 7th just in time to watch the college football championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama. While at mom's I had the honor of taking her to see her oldest aging sister Dorothy as well as visiting the resting places of my dad, my brother John and Rev. Al whom mom married late in life. I cooked for her and we shared many family stories over the period of 10 weeks I was there. It is a trip and time together I will never regret taking.

I left mom's for Olympia, Washington March 15th and am visiting family along the way. For the 8th year I performed for the week long Joseph Campbell mythological workshop in Esalen Institute located near Big Sur, California. The beauty of this coastal area is indescribably beautiful and I am honored to again be asked back to participate. I will finally arrive home April 5th after 100 days on the road.

I am saddened to report when I arrive "home" to Olympia Susan D. and I are going our separate ways. Our personal histories and differing lifestyles make this a necessary breakup, and as she so succinctly states it, "We just don't live together well". Too much to transcend in this relationship.

When I arrive the weekend of April 5th I will immediately pack, move and begin looking for what God has next for me. Any suggestions as to a caretaking position, a humble living space - a self-contained motor home or camping trailer or some green space to put one on will suffice quite well for me and my golden 4-legged Shiloh. Thankfully I have given away most of my furniture to my children, and my office furniture to Susan, so will not desire or need much space. --ALL IS WELL--We both will grow through this and move on thanking the gods for the lessons learned these last 18 months.

I will give myself til June 1st to find something here in the NW that will work and if not will head to San Diego to tend to Mom. What a great 14 years I have had in the Great NW. Since I arrived here from San Diego 14 years ago an adult straight out of college so many musical opportunities and doors have opened up for me. I have released 5 CD's, I was music director for CSL Olympia for 7 years, I have played for hundreds of retirement community programs, I have had the pleasure of so many memorable dinner parties and concerts at Doug Granum's place and others - and how I have loved the opportunity to teach select students sharing with them my personal piano technic and fundamentals. Along the way in 2010 I was inducted as the 13th Joseph Campbell Foundation International "Fellow": an honor above any other I have ever had in my life other than the treasure of being a part of my 5 children's lives.

As I retool my life again, I would be remiss if I did not thank so many of you who have believed in me and refused to define me by my failures and less than traditional life style. Through all of this I have used life's successes and failures to open within me Compassion – Empathy – a Hunger to give and freely share my gifts – and so much hunger for personal growth and self authenticity. Thank you ALL.

My latest CD "LEGACY" is done with the exception of the graphic art work and mass production – I am so happy with this CD and some who have heard it say it my best so far – I would not disagree – I will fill you in on more once I have a release date and have finished securing funding, and getting graphic art work and mass production accomplished.

I close with these 2 quotes from Joseph Campbell – "Follow Your Bliss" and "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are". This I have surely done, continue to do, and do so without regret.

Your pianoman friend,

David "Red" Rhys-Johnson

April 22, 2013